About Sekú

At The Water’s Edge

A frequent speaker at city meetings is a candidate for the mayoral position for the City and County of Denver.   Sekú — whose legal name is Stephan E. Evans — says he marshaled several supporters from among Denver’s homeless and downtrodden to collect signatures for his ballot petition. 

Like the other challengers in the Denver election, he has been raising money for his campaign.   Folks who want to contribute to his political campaign.

But Sekú, 66, says he and his supporters have knocked on thousands of doors to convert voters to his side. He’s all confidence, aiming to prove everyone wrong. He’s listed first on the ballot, by drawing, and simply as “Sekú” because state law doesn’t allow titles on the ballot.

The northeast Park Hill resident is a passionate speaker whose activism goes back to his teenage years, when he says he adopted the Ethiopian-rooted name Sekú around the time he joined up locally with the Black Panther movement.  In campaign appeals, Sekú says he’s “ready for the revolution” that his victory would bring to Denver a new way of supporting the citizens of Denver Metro.